Chris Craft Boat Remodel

From Clif:
In the summer of 2012 I was driving through the Demopolis yacht basin dry dock yard, when I noticed that several of the larger boats in storage were being occupied. People appeared to be living on them. I contemplated that for a minute and concluded, “That’s pretty cool.” As I thought about this concept more, the idea of myself owning one of these boats and dry docking it beside our lake became a dream!

Then some three years later, driving through the same dry dock yard, I spotted this Jewel. She was laying on her side straight on the ground. I quickly recognized the Chris Craft name plates, but she was looking pretty rough and was in bad need of repair. But something in my heart said go for it that’s the one. After talking to the owner of the yard I found out that the boat was about to be destroyed. It had been abandoned by a elderly couple several years prior as they were passing through and fell on bad health. I quickly negotiated a deal and purchased the vessel at scrap price, because that really what it was – just scrap .

After a little research in the Chris craft archives, I discovered she was a 38′ 1962 “Tri-Cabin Constellation”
One of only 105 ever built .She was built from Philppine mahogany in Pompano Beach, Florida! As I sat and stared at this old girl, I could not help but try to imagine all the places she’d been, all the happy times on board. The smile on the man’s face that bought her new back in ’62 . It didn’t take long to realize that I had indeed found the right boat for my vision. It took about a year of working on and off to get her to this point, but I’m really proud of her and look forward to the times my family will have on her.

Yeah she’s just a little get away sitting on dry ground, but she’s still doing what she was built to do which is make people happy. And by the way I’m a ’62 model as well .

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Hunter Home

Scroll through each gallery below for photos of this gorgeous home.

Living Room, Kitchen, Storage:

Bed & Bath:

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Price Construction Office Remodel

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